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Thursday, October 15, 2009

edison & dina

Alright, it's done!

Oh no, no. That's not it. Perhaps a backstory is in order.

This is a relatively old drawing, done sometime around this time last year. I was in the mood of finishing a short story meant to introduce Edison to myself and get a good feel for the character as well as his girlfriend Dina, a supporting character. In the story he and Dina were watching a video given to Dina by a film student, a regular at her workplace (Joie De Cafe, a hip coffeehouse and fmarty-pantf gathering spot).

While Dina's trying to understand the random avant-garde imagery flashing across the TV screen, Edison is torn between being bored senseless and mocking what he sees as an attempt by a film geek to put the moves on his girlfriend. His ringing doorbell provides him an opportunity to get away for a moment. Some other supporting characters are introduced and a revelation is made about Edison. That's all I can share of that for now.

But looking at the drawing itself, I felt as if it was time the technique refinements and experiments conducted during my work project were put to work.

I think it worked quite well. Now on to the next project.


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